Miniskirt Monday #3

The Travelers were a fairly successful Canadian folk group best known for their rendition of "This Land Is Your Land". Their orignal name was The Beavers (!)

I'm not sure why, but I suddenly have an insatiable desire for some greasy fried chicken.

Anyway, here's XTC's reference to the girl of steel.

Other songs I like that reference superheroes:
1. Sunshine Superman - Donovan (references Green Lantern as well)
2. I Am the Law - Anthrax (a reference to Judge Dredd)
3. Magneto and Titanium Man - Wings
4. Iron Man - Black Sabbath
5. Jimmy Olsen’s Blues- Spin Doctors
.... the list could go on and on - don't make me break out The Kinks Captain America reference!

The most hilarious superhero song has got to be, hands down, "Wonderboy" by Tenacious D.

Man, have I gotten off topic! Let's bring it back home...

Ahh, that's more like it. I nabbed this one off of the Vinyl Junkie pool on Flickr. These ladies seem more than ready for Klaus to get the hell off their plane. This was obviously from back when flight attendants were called "stewardesses".


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  2. I really liked that pic of Supergirl. What a hot babe she is. I remember watching that movie as a teen. The movie was crap, but my buddies and I enjoyed looking at her.

  3. I LOVE Wonderboy! You forgot I Am Superman from REM. I believe it's from the album Fables of the Reconstruction.