Vintage Scares #4: Things That Scare the Hell Out of Me (part 2)

As a sort of follow up to my previous post on 10 things that scare the hell out of me, I thought I'd throw a few more creepy things out there. (Click on images to enlarge)

1. Disney's Wonderful World of Pure Evil

No question this pale faced scarecrow is frightening, but the fact that it's right below Tinkerbell gives me a weird feeling. This was actually a Disney product? The two images seem so incongruous - like having a Care Bear and Leatherface together.

I understand this movie has recently been released on DVD, so I plan on watching it out of sheer curiosity.

2. The Easy Bake Oven Dad

Check out this father lurking around in the shadows watching his daughter bake. He looks like a demonic peeping tom. Is he watching her from a crawlspace?

I picture this dad watching his son's baseball games from under the bleachers, laughing maniacally from the darkness.

3. The Infamous Aurora Monster Scenes Kit

I've posted on this one before, but I can't quite get over it - it's so unbelievable demented. This is an ad for a children's product and it involves a scantily clad Vampirella and Frankenstein's monster abducting a female victim. "Don't worry this is New York. No one will help her." Are you actually supposed to build the girl victim? Was this toy designed by Ted Bundy?


  1. Wow.

    That scarecrow face is pretty demented!

    The dad in the dark is unsettling!

    And that ad is so ... wrong!!!

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. I think...

  2. THE SCARECROW OF ROMNEY MARSH scared 5 year old me when it first aired but subsequent reruns,an edited feature release when i was 13 and a bootleg video of it have long made it a favorite!

    And yes, "The Victim" was sold separetely and her tattered clothes showed a lot more cleavage than most model kits, thta's for sure. A look of sheer terror was on her face!

    As for the Easy-Bake Oven...I always wanted one! Why did GIRLS get all the best toys!?

  3. You wanna know what's scary?
    People in this country are getting to be OBESE!

    A friend recently sent me an e card featuring ReRun from What's Happening. Anyway, I'm watching him dance..and WOW! What a fabulous dancer ReRun was! I miss ReRun!

    Anyway, I was thinking...remember when we were kids in the '70's when we all thought ReRun was this Big Fat Eyesore?
    Well, according to the overweight people we have been accustomed to be seeing nowadays, ReRun would now only be considered "Medium Fat" or "Smaller Fat" (compared to what I observe at the buffet troughs anyway).

    Yes, I'm a coward, that's why I'm Anonymous. And it wasn't a very nice thing to say. I still love you, ReRun! You just look smaller to me for some reason!

  4. Damn!
    Did they just bring out another tray of hotwings? I'm goin' fer extra gravy this time...it's only my third round!

    My Anonymous pants just split...again!

  5. Geesh -- that totally would not sell me on an EZ Bake Oven. (Not much would, but creepy stalker parents who steal your hard work? Uh, no.)

  6. Disney definitely had a dark side to his personality. You can see it pop out every now and again. He really dug those old dark fairy tales, even if he did change the endings to make it a happy ending.

    That Aurora set is freaky. You could buy a scantily clad Vampira and a "girl victim"? Does someone have pics of this set somewhere? Plaid Stallions perhaps?

  7. I have seen those Dr. Deadly sets recently. Maybe not the trademarked figures, but I have definitely seen a "Girl Victim" model. I think they are just cast PVC rather than put-together types.

    How come you never see this stuff on "I Love the '70s"?

  8. Retrohound - Retrocrush has great pictures of the set at:


    I'll also mention that anonymous obviously has a bad case of Cacomorphobia(or as I call it, Fatsophobia).

  9. I loved the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh!

  10. AnonymousJuly 13, 2009

    So did I!!

    We all played "Scarecrow" as kids.
    The idea of "secret identities" and fighting for right . . .

    Disney has always underrated its library and THIS should have been released years ago.

  11. Is Vampirella incapable of closing her legs?