A Look at Who's Dropping By

Ever looked in Google Analytics or your FEEDJIT to see what people are Google searching which brings them to your blog? If you haven't, maybe it's best you keep it that way - ignorance is bliss.

Here's what I learned: Retrospace Has Devastated Legions of Pervs Worldwide

Look what key words brought traffic to Retrospace this past month:

"Doris Day topless"
"Susan George topless"
"Elizabeth Montgomery topless"etc.
... I think you'll detect a pattern here. Needless to say, there were a lot of disappointed searchers out there because I don't have any topless pictures on Retrospace. Sorry.

There are quite a few disturbing ones involving horses like "horsesexy" and "sexy horse", which led them to my post on a sexy horse manure ad. I can only assume they left disappointed.

By far, my top Google search perv keyword is "spanking": "spanking women", "spanking old women", "spanking women that deserve it", "spanking comics", etc. etc. It leads them to this post which I'm sure has disappointed thousands of spank-loving pervs around the world. Again, sorry.

Nothing against the pervs out there - there's a welcome mat here at Retrospace for pervs and non-pervs (if there is such a thing!) alike. However, it's nice to live in my fairy tale world where thousands of people are typing in things like "interesting and lively discussion on the state of contemporary music" to get here instead of things like "custom van sex".

My favorite Retrospace keyword searches from this past month:
"Paul Lynde took ectasy" and
"does Helen Reddy have mental telepathy"

BTW: On the subject of kink, I just recently learned that Joe Shuster, the co-creator of Superman, was a big time perv! Turns out, there's a ton of Shuster artwork that's come out depicting some pretty hardcore fetish stuff. (posts on it here and here)

What the hell? These are some seriously sadistic scenes - penned by the same hand that created the Man of Steel! The disturbing thing is that a lot the characters in his kinky artwork look remarkably like his Superman characters - Jimmy Olsen, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, etc. The picture below is just about the tamest one I could find.

I'm no expert on Shuster or even comics in general; however, if I had to guess - Shuster went off the deep end when he sold the rights to Superman for a mere $130 only to see it turn into a huge success. Pent up frustrations are understandable - better to put them on paper than act them out I guess.


  1. I'd like to consider myself one of your non-perv regulars. Great post. I've dissapointed some readers too when they were directed to some of my posts and didn't quite get what they were expecting. Your blog is top notch.

  2. Most of the surfers who find my blog do so by typing in LINDA BLAIR and adding one or all of the following--NUDE, NAKED, OUI, PLAYBOY, TOPLESS, SEX. Strangely, many are from the Middle east (soldiers?).

    Then there's the regular reader who can't seem to bookmark me. he comes to the blog each time by typing in JONATHAN FRID GAY? which is, of course, a subject I've never dealt with.

  3. Thanks, Chaka. Your blog is honestly one of my favorite new ones out there - it's humorous without being constantly crude. Gilligan like.

    Booksteve- That is friggin hilarious! I guess if they happened to type "Linda Blair getting SPANKED" they'd be directed here.

  4. Okay, I'll 'fess up. I'm the one who did a search for "Doris Day topless". That's allright, I'm not ashamed of it, you were bound to find out eventually....

  5. I mean, if I had any pride at all I wouldn't be caught dead in this extremely ugly pantsuit...

  6. Veddy interesting...

    Hey, you've been tagged:

    6 Random Things

  7. Feedjit results can be very funny at times!

    I've been having fun with changing my location every week or so. A location in one language can be unintentionally hilarious in another. :)

    Free fun and all that jazz.

  8. I've got some odd ones, but not nearly as many as you. I did a review of the movie The Naked City and that has drawn a few visitors most of whom were not looking for movie reviews. I think the "similar posts" on my sidebar accounts for the combination of "naked" with other terms. I do have a "cheesecake" tag and that is picked up a few times also. For the record, I found you blog by searching for "retro" or "retro blogs." I swear.

  9. Man it is really a drag but I cannot really use Google Analytics in China. I use a basic version of Gostats just to measure traffic but I cannot get into the details free. Seems GA just does really work here. It does in a way but all my stats are totally wrong I discovered. I wish I could do this and see what people like the most at the Cafe, it would be an interesting study.

    I do know enough from GA that my pinup style stuff is the top for hits but I do not hold that against anyone. My Jimmy Page MP3 sites are way up there as well however, so there is some balance.

    Interesting post actually.


  10. I do a non-pervy blog about the business side of showbiz which has no "sexy" content, and only has rough language when someone does something really stupid to get my dander up.

    And yet it gets about 5-10 visitors a day googling the words "Jodie Foster nude scene," or "Jodie Foster naked."

  11. I bet if you had some brand-spanking new horse manure sitting on top of a topless Doris Day, you'd hit the jackpot.

    I'm too techno-challenged to even figure out how to use this google analytics thing. So I'll just stay in the dark.

  12. Pervs here... happy with all the spanking goodness we found... keep up the good work.