Postcards from the Edge (of Sanity)

"Help us!"

This is the look you get from a hostage. It's that "I can't say anything or he'll blow us away with his shotgun, so I'll just pray that someone will see the distressed expression on my face and rescue me and my children" kind of look.

Trolling through the Flickr Kitch Postcards Pool I came across some postcards that are so mind bogglingly awful that I think I am forever scarred. I've developed a slight tick in my right eye and my voice quivers spasmodically, so view them at your own risk.

I can't quite figure them out - they're postcards, yet they don't seem to advertise a particular place. They're obviously from Europe and from my favorite decade, the 70s. Other than that, I'm at a loss.

Good Lord! What in the name of England Dan and John Ford motherfucking Coley are these people wearing? Is this how they dressed in the 70s in Europe? I'm not knocking it - I just feel gobsmacked.

"Happy Holidays!"

This is the most depressed family I've ever seen in my life. The man appears to be silently choosing how best to kill himself. Meanwhile, his wife stares silently into the abyss.... Worst of all, judging by the cookies and the preponderance of red, this appears to be a Christmas photo.

Well, on that cheerful note, I guess I'll be on my way...


  1. Wow. Those were some depressing post cards. Were they, perhaps, ANTI-post cards? You know, something you send when you try to warn someone AWAY from some place.

    Instead of "Wish you were here!", you are trying to say "SWEET MAMMA, DON'T EVER COME HERE! SAVE YOURSELVES!!!"

  2. Wings, you may be onto something here. I always suspected those Europeans didn't want us obnoxious Americans over there. These postcards make their countries appear unbelievably unpleasant so we'll stay away. Brilliant!

  3. Hey Gil. Wow! Those cards definitely have one scratching their heads. You do wonder what exactly was going on. These things are just weird. Thanks for sharing them. I loved 'em!

  4. Could those postcards be from a Communist country? Well, except for the guy with the gun. That doesn't seem to fit, but the general unhappiness sure does.

  5. This is the single funniest post I've ever found on this blog. Maybe it's just a Friday thing or something, but oh my gosh, I'm about to cough up a lung, I'm laughing so hard.

    Thanks for the link to this site--though I may rue the day I clicked on it....