Sweet Carolyn

I can't resist but to show you a perfect example of the heavy wages of rock. Carolyn Hester was a folk artist and arch rival of Joan Baez (I actually prefer her voice to Joan's). Here she is with Dylan in 1961.

Here she is in 1969. What a difference a few years can make!

Wow! Don't forget to vote for your favorite Caroline song- the poll is located in the sidebar.


  1. Oh Carolyn! Someone ought to write a song about what happened to HER.

    I only really know the Neil Diamond song so cannot vote, though I love the idea of this poll. Am not crazy about the Neil Diamond song though.

  2. Beach Boys--a longtime favorite of their songs.

  3. Great post. The only one of these songs I've really ever heard is "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond. I have always loved that song.

  4. I removed the poll information, since it'll be out of date shortly.

    Thanks to those that participated in the poll. I personally like the Colin Blunstone song the best, but I can understand how the Neil Diamond song would be more popular.

    As far as Carolyn Hester is concerned, there's not much to be said except - Damn! She was a pretty lady, what happened?

  5. I thought the Velvet Underground did Stephanie Says. I like the first picture of her better.