Trivia Newton-John #5

I recently posted on old school D&D, so I'm still ruminating on the memories. I wonder if anyone can tell me the name of this module from back in the day?

We're talkin' 1980 here, so only D&D geezers will probably remember this one from nearly thirty years back.

Leave your answer in the comments section. Be the first to guess correctly and win a nice Trivia Newton-John Award to place proudly in your blog's sidebar. When the correct answer is given, I will post the award for the winner. Good luck!


We have a winner! Congrats to Atom Kid. Collect your trophy!


  1. Queen of the Demon Web Pits!

  2. Awesome. I wasn't sure if this one was overly hard or overly easy for Retrospace readers.

    I remember "Queen of the Demon Web Pits" being hard as hell; other hard (but fantastic nonetheless) modules I remember were "Against the Giants", "White Plume Mountain" and "Vault of the Drow".

    So far, 5 quizzes and 5 different winners.

  3. This one is easy to confuse with Vault of the Drow, because they both take place in the Underdark. Man, I love the classic D&D artwork, especially David Sutherland and Erol Otus!

    Incidentally, today marks the first anniversary of Gary Gygax's passing.