Trivia Newton-John #6

This time round, you need to get both answers correct...

1. From this ten second clip, name the song. The Wikipedia description: "The song begins with a man commiserating his loneliness, when a woman suddenly appears in his bed, and encourages him to make love to her."

2. What 1970s horror movie is the following theme song from?

Leave your answer in the comments section. Be the first to guess correctly both answers and win a nice Trivia Newton-John Award to place proudly in your blog's sidebar. When the correct answer is given, I will post the award for the winner. Good luck!

We have a winner! Congrats to Wings, author of the wonderful Caffeinated Joe. Collect your trophy!



    I KNOW #1... but am so lost on #2...

    I won't post anything so I don't spoil it for the winner. But... DOH!

  2. Wings - Being the horror movie buff that you are, I'm surprised #2 isn't easy for you - it's a very well known film. Thanks for chiming in!

  3. The first has the initials UA

    The second is H*******n

  4. Ahh, good try anonymous. Not Halloween... but you seem to be on the right track with #1

  5. The first is Undercover Angel and the second is The Exorcist.

  6. Well, since it's out there, I believe #1 is Undercover Angel as well. And now I can't get it out of my head.

    As for #2... It doesn't sound like The Exorcist theme I have heard. But I am so lost on it! DAGNABIT!

  7. PHANTASM!!! Hot damn, it's PHANTASM!

    I have been sitting here an hour wracking my caffeine-filled brain and hit on it, it is the the theme to PHANTASM. Whew...

    ok, so #1 is Undercover Angel and #2 in the theme from PHANTASM

  8. Wings - HELL YES!! Your persistence has paid off!

  9. Great contest. I'm sure many of your readers will be angry they didn't checked in earlier. Like me.

  10. Hey no way, I didn't even get a chance to play yet...
    Well, I'll just copy the pic and put it on my sidebar. At least people will think i won, and that's all that matters..