Vintage Scares #5: Hidden Scares

Many of you may remember from an earlier post an album called Join in with Joe which had a strange orange creature hidden on the cover which had no real purpose or explanation. Most people who look at the cover don't really notice it, but once you see it, it'll have you scratching your head. [Click here to see the album cover and here for a close up.]

Anyway, I ran across another odd one, and this one kinda gave me the creeps...

Who is that scary looking dude tucked away in the darkness between the gentleman in the black suit and the lady in the flared jeans? Charles Manson? Are the Rowdies a cult led by this demented madman lurking in the background?

He's not raising a glass like the rest of them, yet he seems to be in on this production somehow. Perhaps like Mr. Rochester's wife in Jane Eyre or Zelda in Pet Sematary he's their insane sibling kept under lock and key.

Sure, he's probably just a normal customer, but it's fun to speculate... and who knows?


  1. Looks like a disgruntled employee to me.

  2. I was searching the photo before reading on too far and saw him and it scared me. I can see a bearded big foot like creature hunched over. If you could focus in on him better he probably has tusks. It's kind of like the scene in 3 Men and a baby when the supposed dead kid is seen in the back ground and it creeps you out.

  3. I can't see it clearly but it looks like Aqualung.

  4. Wow. Now that you mention it, he looks exactly like Aqualung "eyeing idle girls with bad intent".

  5. I hadn't even noticed that before you mentioned it. He does look rather creepy. Maybe he's the Devil. This group sold their soul to him.