Another Trucker Post

It's time we paid another visit to the trucker craze of the 1970's. I still am not completely over my trucker infatuation from over thirty years ago, and feel the need to spread more trucker love. Let's start it off with a Diet Rite trucker t-shirt advertisement (click to enlarge). I simply cannot say enough about this ad, but I'll try to limit it to 5 observations...

1. The chick in the shades is obviously a lesbian. Look at how she's eyeing her friend.

2. It's somehow fitting that this is a lesbian ad because Diet Rite contained cyclamate which causes testicular atrophy.

3. The ad reads: "France started it with the butcher's apron. In Denmark it was the plumber's satchel... " What the hell are they talking about? I think the advertisers are really stretching things to make a lame Diet Rite shirt somehow in league with European fashions.

4. To get your trucker Diet Rite T-shirts you have to send money plus 6 bottle cap liners. Does anyone remember bottle cap liners? I do.

5. Diet Rite is obviously capitalizing on the trucker craze that swept the country during the 1970's. Man, everyone wanted to be a trucker back then. I still do. I've posted before on how truckers were to the 70's what cowboys were in the 50's. Rock stars and professional athletes could only dream of living the life of a trucker.

Don't believe me? I present to the ladies and gentlemen of the jury "Exhibit A" from 1976...

Can you believe the title of this album? You've never been fuc - (ahem) - trucked like this before. I'm guessing subtlety was not one of John Laws' strong points. The track listing for this album is pure 1970's trucker heaven: "I've Trucked All Over This Land", "Down That Easy Goin' Road", and my favorite ""Big Wheel Cannonball".

Oddly enough, John Laws turned out to be an Australian disc jockey posing as a truck driver. We should have known better - no self respecting truck driver would ever wear a suit!


  1. Gil,

    Nothing says "trucker" like an ice-cold Diet-Rite! Keep those 70s ads coming, they are funnier than 90% of all the comedies on TV.

  2. that middle ad is a little fishy

  3. Yep. Definitely a lesbian..

  4. I worked with a guy in 1974 who used to eat his lunch in his car so he could listen to the truckers on his CB radio.

  5. I wonder if the truckers knew they had such a fan base.

  6. The "chick in the shades" sure looks like PJ Soles to me...