Eye Magazine (1968-1969)

Eye Magazine was published by the Hearst Corporation (Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping) to cover the emerging youth explosion of the 1960's. It was marketed to college students covering fashion, music, and politics. Most issues came with a bonus item inserted for the reader (posters, record, comic book). There were only 15 issues published between March 1968 and May 1969. (source)

Sounds like a fascinating read! Apparently, the mag was big (LIFE Magazine sized) and glossy.

Articles included:

Mother Jealous of Your Freer Sex Life?

The Rolling Stones... and Young Girls

Boys and the Pill: Do They Want Girls to Take It?

Miss America Is a Bummer

Religion Report 1969: Yes, God is Alive and Well, and Everywhere...

"Who's Eating What?": Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger, Sharon Tate, Janis Ian, Ravi Shankar, Peggy Lipton, Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals, Peter Fonda, Sly Stone and others

Private Wardrobes: Peak Into the Closets of Peter Fonda, Buffy Ste. Marie, Liza Minelli, and Jimi Hendrix

Grace Slick, Peter Fonda, Julie Nixon and Frank Zappa Tell What Turns Them On

Why Cops Hate Students

This next magazine has the ultimate article title I think I've ever read:

Sorcerer of Rock: Jim Morrison Raps


  1. Those are some great music interviews! Jeff Beck, Jim Morrison, The Rolling Stones!

  2. It was a very popular magazine for upper level high school students too. Topic of discussion after each issue came out. I kept every single issue, including the posters. Somewhere I stashed away the Al Kooper record. Piece of square paper you tore out of the magazine and put on your turntable. Sometimes you had to tape quarters on the corners to keep it from curling. It was a great magazine.

    1. Lol as the needle wore down had to add dime.then a nickle.then look in couch for change to buy new needle at record store.

  3. I never knew about this magazine before. Great covers. I really like that first one.

  4. I agree, this seemed like quite the time capsule of the hippie youth explosion.

    Interesting memories of the mag by tattered & lost!

  5. AnonymousMay 01, 2009

    I just bought an issue of this mag and its amazing! Full of hippie boho heroes of the late 60s. Its far better than the teenie bopper mags at the time... it mostly references the college student lifestyle and the writing is very sophisticated... aimed at an older youth crowd. The issue i've got has got stuff on fellini, truffaut and woody allen.

  6. The best article title I ever read was "UFOs hover over Elvis' grave". In was in a supermarket tabloid. I searched all through the tabloid but there was no actual article.

  7. I had every issue of this mag as a teenager. There was a great article about birth order and it's effect on personality, and I'm now seeing this subject pop up lately. Eye was ahead of it's time.

  8. Did this magazine have in insert that was usually a poster? I have several of the posters but no mags and do not remember what it was called. On the back of it was a thing called "the electric last minute". Anyone know about this????
    email me if you know about this zulupits@sbcglobal.net Thanks Brian

  9. AnonymousMay 14, 2012

    That brings back memories, (I wish I had stashed my copies away somewhere). It was a precurser to Rolling Stone but didn't catch on in a big way.

  10. I had a stack of magazines donated to my AP class from teh 60's. After cutting out 3 pages of one mag, I noticed it was Eye Volume 1 Issue 1 from March 1968. ooops! In the issue was $8 suits, an interview with warren Beatty, glow-in-the-dark fashions, and an article on drafting women because American women are too lazy. No poster with this one, though.The donor probably still has it in his garage :)

  11. AnonymousMay 14, 2013

    I had a subscription, & cut the hell out of them & hung the photos around my room, opps

  12. The Sept 1968 issue had a great poster of Dylan as a tree, with the roots containing the names of those who influenced him and the hair as branches with the names of those he influenced. Cool. Here it is on eBay at the moment for $75:


    And again for $99:


  13. Back in '68, EYE and RAMPARTS were the only two subscriptions I had. I always loved EYE for its GREAT design, photography and GFX. I subscribed until it stopped publication, but somehow the bulk of my saved issues disappeared after my mother passed (thrown out no doubt). I'm presently contemplating the purchase of some of the available back issues, though I will probably have to sell off some unused weapons, musical instruments and "vinyl" (record albums as they were known back when EYE was publishing). I want to do this, not because I'm a "collector" hoping the issues will increase in value, but because I simply want to see and read them again, because they were such "eye openers" (no pun intended) for me at the age of 20/21. For 1968, WAY "outside of the envelope". EYE was what ROLLING STONE has been trying to be, but never quite made. To be fair EYE was chronicling the birth of something amazing, while R.S., thru no fault of its own really, has dealt mostly with how the "music industry" gradually decayed into the "Entertainment Industry" and musicians became "celebrities". EYE (naive as it may have been) was about vision, R.S. has been about voyeurism.

  14. EYE was cool, I remember it well.

  15. I used to get these while they published when I was a teen. I threw them all away! Wish I was a pack rat!

  16. I still have the first issue still in excellent condition with all inserts and also the first issue of Peter Max Magazine also in excellent condition. I would be willing to sell them to an interested party.

  17. I had a subscription in high school. Still have a few copies. Of course, like everybody else, I pulled the posters out and put them on the wall, so now they're gone. Did a quick search on ebay and found one with the poster still in the magazine. $75.00 and it's yours. Could have had a dozen subscriptions for that.

  18. I actually have several original Eye Magazines (including number 1) I purchased and read at the time then kept for all these years. Unfortunately like almost everyone else, I did use the posters and various promotional items they featured so none of mine are mint, they are used and show their age. If anyone is interested in possibly purchasing them please email me at emc0853@yahoo.com.

  19. I loved Eye. Growing up in a little town in East Texas, one other edgy friend and I used to score Eye and Ramparts at the best -- only, really -- newsstand in town, inside May Drug. For a couple years, I had the poster of Jimi Hendrix from Eye thumbtacked to the ceiling in my room.

    I don't know about the urban hip, but Eye opened up vistas for boho youth in the far provinces.

  20. I loved EYE magazine. It was the first place I read about Cream. This was after their first album, but before they became popular. That really wasn't until "Disraeli Gears," which had "Sunshine of Your Love." Great magazine, cool and informative.