Mini Skirt Monday #8: Computers 'n Miniskirts

More as an excuse to try out the Picassa slideshow feature than anything, here's some vintage pictures of when computers were sexy.

If it takes a long time to load the pictures on the slideshow or it looks like crap on your browser let me know and I'll scrap it. Just doing some experimenting. It seems like a slideshow might be a nice alternative to displaying a bunch of images slowing down a page load.

Anyway, it was pretty fun hunting through old ads and seeing how computers experienced a honeymoon phase where they were considered sexy and cool. Now they're either as mundane as a desk lamp or just plain nerdy. Check out the "Two Bytes Are Better Than One" ad where the ladies are literally clawing to get the affections of the computer nerd. How many poor saps went into the computer field thinking the ladies would be throwing themselves at their feet? My how times have changed.


  1. Times have definitely changed. I totally prefer the marketing back then over that of today. I like the slideshow. Very cool. Hope you've had a great weekend.

  2. I don't know about the slide show. It zips past the pictures pretty fast, but I'm afraid if you slowed it down I'd complain it lingered on each picture too long. But, I'm really a contrarian at heart. I just clicked on the slide show to look at each photo individually.

    Pretty cool ads anyway. Thanks.