Motel Retrospace

Announcing the grand opening of the Motel Retrospace in scenic downtown San Bernardino where the delightful atmosphere and excellent service make every visit a pleasure. Enjoy your stay in our four star Sand Dollar Suites © - each with color TV and tub/shower combo. Bathrooms now equipped with Sani-Kleen® !

For lovebirds we recommend accommodations in our ultra-swank Tru-D-Lux Suites ©. It's your own private getaway surrounded by colorful enchantment and the newest designs. Betamax recorders available for rent.

Visit our Lamplighter Lounge® where you'll eat like an elephant for peanuts! In the evenings enjoy the vocal stylings of The Links - a group that has it all: talent, good looks, and a personal charm which covers their audience like a golden cloak. Come to look, you'll stay to eat!

And be sure to say hello to our groundskeepers. Night or Day, make it a Retro-Stay at Motel Retrospace!


  1. "The Links,"... Where have I seen that guy before?

    Oh yeah! http://chrissvirtualattic.blogspot.com/2009/04/technophobes-illustrated-8.html

  2. Sani-Kleen®... hahah
    Btw, the guy in The links looks just like Will Ferrel.

  3. Swingin' place! Kinda reminds me of the Gobbler

  4. Wow! That pad is so cool. I'd love to live there.

  5. Looks like the Madonna Inn.