Vintage Scan #1: It's a Wifesaver!

This one is from The Saturday Evening Post (May-June 1973). Click here to view full sized image. I get a kick out of these ads which would be considered sexist nowadays - the way they used to take for granted the fact that all kitchen and homemaking products were directed to women.

Is it sexist? This is an issue that for some reason keeps coming up on Retrospace. I think it's because men and women had such glaringly different roles compared to today, - any analysis of yesteryear can't help but be stricken by the contrast.


  1. Gotta love the olive green appliances!

  2. brown, olive green, harvest yellow, pumpkin orange - these are the colors of the decade. I've tried to make the color theme for Retrospace along those same lines, but I'm not quite there yet.

    Also, this post will hopefully be the beginng of a concerted effort to unload my own retro memoribilia. Consider it a sort of an act of "seventies preservation". Giddyup.

  3. Those are the colors of the 1970s brown Harvest gold, pumpkin and brown brown brown