Vintage Scan #5: Buy Me This

JVC Videosphere TV
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I scanned this from a 1974 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. Using an inflation calculator, this little number cost $690.87 or $798.85 with the battery recharger!

I love the slogan: "Turns you on... even when it's off!" Groovy.

And what exactly is "Instant-On Power"? If I remember right, TV's used to take a minute to warm up - and maybe this one actually came on instantly.


  1. Wow...that's the same amount I paid for my lapotop!

    Still, I want one of those....much better than the sets we have sold today at Best Buy

  2. "Instant-on" televisions didn't need a lengthy warm-up because there was always power to the television, stored in a capacitor bank. Once you turned the switch on, that power would dump to the CRT and bingo! Instant picture. We had one when I was a kid -- it was pretty cool.

  3. It is much less used in TVs now. There are two problems with it. One, it wastes a lot of power. The other is that it generates heat. There have been instances where televisions have burst into flames.

  4. jbfunky- It amazes me how much folks paid for a TV back then- of any variety. Of course, the next generation will look back on how much we pay now for LCD TV and laugh.

    Mr Posslq and capewood- That's interesting about the "instant on" deal - thanks so much for sharing that information!

  5. I'd love one of those myself.

  6. Imagine watching that Monroe episode on this baby.(sorry i recently got obsessed with this episode too.)I love the Cool space 1999/2001 feel to this.It's funny how the past looks more like the future than the actual future.