Vintage Scan #6: Bizarre Celeb Endorsements

Jayne Mansfield China Ad
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Call me crazy but Jayne Mansfield doesn't instantly come to mind when I think of someone I'd want representing my fine chinaware. Sexy and charismatic - yes, but hardly a Miss Suzie Homemaker. Was Barbara Billingsly unavailable?

Peter Lorre Shirt Ad
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Along similar lines is the Van Heusen shirt ad featuring Peter Lorre. He seems a very odd choice for a dapper shirt model. This was ad was done a while after his disturbing role as the child killer in M, but still Lorre always played the sinister foreigner in movies. What a strange person to put as the spokesman for a clothing line! Sort of like putting Steve Buscemi or Crispin Glover as your spokesmen for PowerAde or Nike. They just don't seem to fit.

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