Vintage Scan #4: JC Penny Model On Edge of Sanity

This is what happens when you have a combination of an obsessive-compulsive disorder and too much time on your hands:

1. You start passing your break time at work and late evening hours at home perusing through old Sears and JC Penny catalogs because you are obsessed with the retro universe.

2. You start to notice this one particular chick who's in all the Sears and JC Penny catalogs from 1969-1971; you don't know her name but she's in every one of them.

3. You start to notice that she looks extremely psycho in all her pictures. Her sanity seems to be hanging by a thread. What became of her? Your mind wanders...

Moral to this little story: Leave these old catalogs alone. Like the Necronomicon, their dark secrets are best left hidden.


  1. Agreed Gil. Slightly psychotic. A stare that makes me a bit uneasy sir.

    Gonna scan another? (for comparison's sake)

  2. And yet, I am oddly drawn to her, returning to the page again and again. Don't mind me though, bat-shit crazy is a turn on.

  3. That middle chick is totally 'stewardess-chic'...

  4. Chick, I think our lovely (and mentally disturbed) lady deserves another post. This doesn't do her justice.

    Joe - To be specific: the center chick is totally Stepford Wife/Fatal Attraction stewardess chic.

  5. I noticed that the woman down on one knee has some kind of pad under her knee. Is her awkward pose supposed to make me want to jump in my time machine so I can go back and buy that outfit??

  6. Awesome observation Hairball! I was so fixated on the mentally deranged sociopath that I didn't notice the pad - cool.

  7. She reminds me of Lindsay Lohan!