Mini Skirt Monday #11

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Frisbee inventor Fred Morrison promotes Wham-O's new product by posing for this publicity shot.

This type of photo shoot proved critical to Wham-O's success with the Frisbee. Originally, the product was marketed as a toy with a space theme. It had names like "Pluto Platter" and "Flying Saucer" and had celestial graphics molded onto the disc. Now, the Wham-O company decided to market it as a sport - they enlisted beautiful models to promote it, the Frisbee now had sporty racing stripes on it, and notice the athletic stadium in the background. Once, the product crossed over from sci-fi toy to cool sport, the product sold like gangbusters.

Photo Source: Wham-O Super-Book by Tim Walsh (2008)


  1. She doesn't seem to be wearing the right shoes for Frisbee but the rest of the outfit is perfect.

  2. What a babe. I hope your week has started off well. Cheers!

  3. I love it! I used to have a frisbee that had a flying saucer theme, it had this little windows or lights molded into it. I loved it.