Mini Skirt Monday #9

In this instalment of Mini Skirt Monday we have the October 1969 Lois Lane comic book where the reader is supposed to guess what Lana and Lois (who are wearing some mighty high hemlines) will say to the villain's proposition.

"Prove you love Superman! To save him from Kryptonite death, one of you must drink this poison and die... so that he may live... and marry the OTHER!"

The comic asks: Can you guess what the girls are saying?
I'd like to try my hand at this...
Lana: "Are you effing kidding me? Drink up, Lois."Lois: "You first, whore."Sorry. Not very witty, I know. I just couldn't help myself. Maybe you can do better - stick it in the comments.


  1. "He's all green and limp!!"
    "Girl, that drink is MINE!!!"

  2. "What if the drink made him all green?"

    "Then I'll be green! Gimme that!"

  3. Great ones, Laurie and Wings! How about this..

    Lana: "Wait a minute, this drink smells like Rohypnol."

    Lois: "And that's just green make-up on Supes! Hey, what kind of sick game is going on here?!?"

    (heh,heh... sorry, again. I can't help it.)

  4. I think they are both saying "Let him DIE! We're tired of his crap!"

  5. "(OK Lois....I'll grab pirate-boy's arms).."

    "And I'll shove the drink down his throat!"

    Sort of lame, but it does look like Lois is going to push it in his face...

  6. Lana - Lois, have you ever seen "The Hunger"?

    Lois - Why Lana, it's my favorite film. Would you like to go somewhere and get a drink?

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  8. Lois: I'll tell you what. How about if Lana blows you, and we all call it good?
    Lana: Yeah! Wait...what was that?