Fact or Fiction #11: Newsflash on the Monroe Rape

Regular readers here will recall my obsession with the infamous (and as yet unverified) episode of Too Close for Comfort where Monroe is raped by some fat chicks in a mall parking lot. For those not familiar, let me refer you to my post on it and break it down for you:

1. I had a fuzzy memory of a TCFC episode where Monroe is raped by some women in the back of a van

2. I tell myself "You're going crazy, Gilligan. There's no way in hell that really happened. It's too messed up to be true. You're imagining things."

3. I begin to encounter others with similar memories. Slowly, it becomes clear that this is either a case of mass delusion or it really happened.

4. The episode has not been rerun on TV and is not on DVD, so no tangible proof exists... yet evidence begins to accumulate (see the post I mentioned earlier and its comments)

And now a brilliant 10 minute film titled A Very Special Episode has been made on this whole mysterious mess.


I was surprised at how well done and professional it looks - and more importantly it was just plain hilarious. The plot goes something like this: The main character, played by actor Fred Berman, is suffering from flashbacks of the TCFC rape episode, and is further troubled by the fact that he's not sure if it really ever happened. Thus begins a search for the truth in the manner of The DaVinci Code or Raiders of the Lost Ark. Except this time it's not the Holy Grail he's after, it's evidence of Monroe being raped by two fat chicks in a mall parking lot.

I'm honored that the director, Ethan Duff, has counted Retrospace as an inspiration for this film, and would encourage all Retrospace readers to check it out. You won't be disappointed.

...and one more thing: Jim J. Bullock himself has endorsed the project. Here's the letter he sent Ethan (reproduced with Bullock's permission):

Hi Ethan,

A few days ago a friend sent me your short "A VERY SPECIAL EPISODE" and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I don't remember much about the episode other than Ted didn't much care for it and the re-writes that week were flying even more than usual. I wasn't even aware the episode had disappeared. How sad is that yet how fantastic! I love the mystique of it all.

Bravo to you and your talented cast for such a superb film and a job well done! All the very best in life.

Jim J. Bullock

Wow!!! What a good sport Bullock is about it - what a cool guy. Jim J. gets serious retro cred for this. But more importantly, it appears I may be somewhat responsible for these chain of events: I write a post on the phenomenon, prompting Ethan to make an amazing movie about it, and then Monroe himself endorses it! Somebody splash me with water, I feel faint.


  1. Very awesome! You have hit the big time man, now you will be connected to this conspiracy forever!

  2. Don't forget all us little people when you become rich and famous!

  3. Yes, I can see it now...

    The Hollywood A List:
    The guy who remembered Monroe got raped in the back of a van by two fat chicks.

  4. Wow, and to think we knew you when you were just one of us little guys. Congrats on your amazing retro-success!

  5. AnonymousMay 13, 2009

    I still don't believe it. Why would they do it? Where is the footage? Can't be real.

  6. AnonymousMay 15, 2009

    Eureka!!! Now my husband/friends will finally believe me.... and why would I make such a thing up?

    This video is so funny and completely accurate as far as the level of anxiety one feels when the world questions ones sanity. Now if I could only find someone who remembers "The Peanut Butter Solution".

  7. I played Sara Rush and I have repressed memories of this episode also. This movie is chilling. I'll ask Jimbo (Bullock) about it when we get together.

    Now I have to look through all my taped episodes and hidden archives of episodes.

    At first I thought you were mistaken, that this was actually the Selma Diamond episode in which Monroe loses his virginity to Rafkin’s sister.
    But now the memories of this twisted rape are coming back to me.
    The movie is wonderfully done...
    Luv xo

  8. Thanks so much for the comment, Lydia. In fact, I put it in a post it thrilled me so much. I think I screamed like a schoolgirl when I saw it.

    Let us know what "Jimbo" has to say about it and what you turn up going through your "hidden archives" (damn, this IS like the DaVinci Code!).

    Thanks for dropping by!

  9. Wow a comment from the stilllovely looking Lydia And a movie made because of this along with monroe himself having something to say.

    To think the web has allowed you to post a memory that gets made into a movie AND gets original cast members to talk to you about years after the show ended. Kudos to you sir

  10. AnonymousMay 30, 2011

    This episode will be airing this Friday, June 3, 2011, at 6:30pm Eastern on Antenna TV!