Vintage Scan #7: Not For The Self Conscious

1962 SunVu Ad
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This 1962 product from Wham-O was part visor, part sunglasses, and totally insane. This makes the Slanket look fashionable!

Source: Wham-O Super-Book by Tim Walsh (2008)


  1. As I remember Wham-O made hulu hoops and frisbees. I don't remember these other wacky products. I can just imagine asking my mother to buy me steel tipped darts for my blow gun. So much more fun than spitballs and a straw.

  2. Can you imagine showing up for a sporting event or a golf game wearing this thing? People would think you have some strange handicap.

  3. I remember an umbrella hat from the 70s, which had some special name but I can't remember. I don't remember these from Wham-o though.

  4. Now if I see this on someone's head...and I have that blowgun...no jury in the world would ever convict me. Its like a moth to the flame baby.