Ads #14: Seems Just A Tad Unsafe

Malayan blowgun ad

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Notice that the words "Goes thru 1/4" plywood" and "fun for the whole family-indoors" are all within the same ad? Call me crazy, but I think a weapon used for hunting small game should not played in the den.

For a similarly lethal family plaything read a related post on the "impaling arrows of death" otherwise known as The Jart.


  1. I wanted one of these so badly, but my mean parents wouldn't get me one. Now I know better why.

  2. How the hell did we ever survive those days? No helmet when we biked; jarts, blowguns, exploding pop bottles? WTF. I feel like a survivor because I still have all my fingers.

  3. I made one of these with a 6-foot length of copper pipe, some roofing nails, and ductape. Everything they say about this device is true.