Vintage Scan #8: A Snapshot of 1970

1970 LIFE Magazine
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What picture better encapsulates 1970 than this one? I think it's perfect.

From the article: "The Real Change Has Just Begun"
LIFE Magazine, January 1970

On virtually every controversial issue, two groups form alliances: the young, the blacks, and many of the college educated tend to coalesce in favor of change, while the elderly, the blue collar workers and the less well educated line up in favor of the status quo. The catalyst is the radical activist whom the status quo group condemns for all the things that have cone awry, while the change group cheers him on - even though they may not agree with him.

The Changing Times
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At first I thought that this sounded a lot like today - as if this article could have been written in 2009. However, the important facet that's missing now is the so-called "catalyst" - the radical activist. I think the Boomers have traded in their megaphones for big meaty 401K's, and the public at large is more interested in their iPhone apps than political activism. Radical activists don't stand much of a prayer in today's climate.

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