What the Hell?

Perhaps you noticed an error message if you visited Retrospace in the past 24hrs and are stupid enough (like myself) to use Internet Explorer. The message said something like "Internet Explorer Cannot Open Site... Operation Aborted" and then the whole damn web page just shuts down. It still worked fine for Firefox and Chrome (the browsers that don't suck).

I just spent several hours deleting half of my sidebar, removing things, adjusting posts, etc. Basically turning a relaxing hobby into a sweaty, cursing, violent mess. Anyway, it looks like it's a code in the sidebar (I'm not quite sure which gadget specifically).

BTW it looks like it's happening on A LOT of other blogs. I wonder what the deal is...


A-ha! After checking with other blogs it appears that the problem is with the "Followers" gadget. Apparently, Blogger is aware of the problem, but it is still wreaking havoc. The only way to ammend this is to get rid of your Follwers gadget till the problem is fixed. It seems to be working here as far as I can tell.

Also, it appears to be sporadic. It may look fine for a few minutes and you think your blog is okay, but several minutes later the horrible IE message appears. Also, I would recommend you delete your cookies and temporary internet files. Damn you Internet Explorer! Damn you I say!

(Note: You can still follow a blog without the gadget. One way is to click "follow blog" in the navbar at the top.)


  1. Hey, Gilligan: love your blog. I have been getting that same message for many, many blogs I follow. I don't think mine has that problem (yet). Wish I could figure out which widget is causing the problem. -- Mykal

  2. I'm starting to think it's FEEDJIT - the live traffic feed widget. We'll see.

  3. Nope. It's not feedjit - it's apparently the Followers gadget.

  4. Precisely why I took that damn widget off my blog. I knew that damn thing was trouble.

  5. Ive been getting the same thing on non-blog websites also, though so...?

  6. Booksteve - If you deleted your cookies and visited sites without the followers gadget, you might not get the IE message.

    Dr. Monkey- I was just starting to like the Followers Gadget. I might try and give it another chance in a while.