Vinyl Dynamite #2

I got a little more than I bargained for while ripping this particular record. Yes, this blogger learned a valuable life lesson whilst ripping the Flowers Company record.

"My God, this is going to be awful", I thought to myself. I smiled as I looked at the cheesy cover, chuckled as I examined the losers on the back, and fully expected this to be a source of great condescending amusement. Fast forward five minutes and I am damn near crying at some of these songs. I was touched, moved and elevated by The Flowers Company. Yes, that's right - this cheesy 70's family that no one's ever heard of made Gilligan their bitch for damn near an hour.

The Flowers Company
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back cover
The Flowers Co.

Here's a track from the album called "Pull Myself Together". It's about a man dealing with the emotional issues of a break up and having to explain it to his child. He also reflects on his own upbringing ("...momma never loved me and my daddy never cared...") which may have contributed to his own inability to maintain the relationship. I'm a sucker for a sad ol' country song.

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  1. Gilligan, You are special! It's just your equipment that isn't.

    I'm digging the name Garland Flowers. And his mustache.

  2. Hey Gil. I agree with Robert. You are special even if your equipment isn't. Cool blog post.

  3. AnonymousMay 14, 2009

    I wonder if Garland Flowers might be a relative of Wayland Flowers?

  4. Retrohound- I'm digging the name Garland Flowers right along with you, and wondering who this Benoit chick is. It's Flowers Co. dammit, not the Flowers & Benoit Co.!

    Keith - Thanks, man. My teachers always told me I was "special".

    Don & Capewood - Good chance of it... judging by the randy look of Daddy Flowers, the Flowers "seed" was probably planted across this great land.

  5. I've listened to this song a couple times now, and I really like it. It's not to far from being a hit sounding song.

  6. I'm glad to hear that folks are actually giving the song a listen.

    I should've been a music producer - I always fancied myself a modern day Reuben Kincaid.