Vinyl Dynamite #3

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Was "Wing Ding" slang for "orgy" in 1960s Britain? These women don't appear to be wearing any clothes underneath their towels; however, the 2 guys still have on their swimsuits, mercifully sparing us a glimpse of their... er, um... wing dings.

I can't for the life of me determine the date of this LP. Judging by its loud proclamation that it's made and recorded in England, I can only assume it was released around the time of the British Invasion - maybe 1965.

It's really an odd mix of tunes (all performed by unknown artists). There's some great selections, (i.e. "Needles and Pins")... but "Hello Dolly" and a song from The Sound of Music don't seem to belong. The track I ripped for you is "You Were Made For Me" originally by Freddie and the Dreamers.


  1. I'll just add: I've heard Freddie and the Dreamers were in a way responsible for the success of The Beatles. They stole an early Lennon/McCartney composition and played it as if it were their own to great success. This then prompted Lennon and McCartney to have confidence in their own writing skills and began creating more original compositions and relied less on cover tunes. Fact or fiction?

  2. Louis Armstrong's recording of "Hello, Dolly!" knocked the Beatles off the charts in 1964, so that's probably why it appears on this album. The early '60s were a really bizarre musical landscape.

  3. Very interesting, Propagatrix - one riddle solved. Thank you. However, I'm still searching for an explanation for The Sound of Music inclusion.

  4. GreensleevesMay 20, 2010

    That blurry-faced girl on the right looks like something out of one of those nightmarish Francis Bacon paintings.