Vinyl Dynamite #6

Sound Alliance
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I Wish You All Could Know Him by Sound Alliance (1974)

Ever notice when digging through records at the flea market that there is about a billion Christian bands from the 1970s? Individually, I doubt they sold much, but given the sheer number of Christian groups out there during this decade, I'll bet their combined total was up there with the big boys.

Sound Alliance interested me primarily due to its back cover.

Sound Alliance (Back Cover)

1) There's no black guy on the front, yet lo and behold, there he is on the back. I'm not going to jump to conclusions and assume that they didn't want to put a black guy on the front, because there's also an additional white guy on the back. But I'm just sayin'.

2) The description of Sound Alliance may be the most pompous thing I've ever read: "Many chapters will be written in the days to come and placed in the archives of history relating to the ministry, the talent, the candidness and the results of this young musical group."

The track I ripped for you will have you questioning your will to live. Making it through this song was, simply put, a battle for survival. Listen at your own peril. I recommend a shot of Jagermeister to dull the pain.

Track: "Jesus Got Ahold Of My Life/In My Heart There Rings a Melody"


  1. I made it to the 1:25 mark. I wonder how many chapters there are in the archives of history about this young musical group?

    Are you actually scanning these album covers? I've been wanting to do the same but my scanner isn't wide enough.

  2. My scanner isn't wide enough either. I'm actually stitching 2-4 scans together. It sounds time consuming, but it only takes a few minutes.

  3. I was hoping you had some secret weapon. I've managed a few scans that way, usually with 2 scans. You're right it doesn't take too long.

  4. I grew up in a very religious home. My family always had a lot of Christian music. Some of it wasn't that bad, while some of the albums would make you cringe.

  5. Well, the incredibly comprehensive Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music doesn't even list Sound Alliance. Of course, the music doesn't sound contemporary, it sounds choir-like, very "churchy".

  6. You tried to warn me but did I listen? NO! Now I want to plunge an ice pick in my ears!

  7. capewood - sorry no secret weapons here. I'd love a bigass scanner, but not to the point where I'd pay 400 bucks yet.

    keith - Nothing wrong with Christian or gospel music at all. I'll be the last to knock it; but this group is so bad I couldn't resist. Remember Stryper the metal christian band? I think I'd take Sound Aliance over them!

    Retro Hound - "Many chapters will be written in the days to come and placed in the archives of history..." and yet you can't even find them in a comprehensive encyclopedia. How embarassing.

    Dr. Monkey - I'm sorry to hear of your pain. But perhaps it has made you stronger. Hang in there... I can recommend a good therapist if you find you can't work through the painful memories.