Vinyl Dynamite #7

aerobics record
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Here it is folks. The litmus test for whether you are a true blue retro fan. It's easy to love the quality stuff from yesteryear- but it's the true retro fan that loves the good, the bad and the ugly. And maybe even prefer the bad and ugly.

Well this one is definitely bad. Check out the song selection. Can you imagine aerobicizing to "The Pina Colada Song"? Even better, the aerobics instructor looks like Mary Lou Henner and has a thick New York accent... Fran Drescher style.

aerobics record back
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So let's do the math here: We have an aerobics instructor who sounds like The Nanny narrating a workout to songs like "Making It" - if you can appreciate this, we're going to be good friends. Don't go anywhere - Retrospace is right where you belong.

BTW: I couldn't bring myself to rip the entire song... even I have my limits!


  1. Feel the burn....feel the burn

    and I got a good workout too :)

  2. I looked and looked to see who this Marcy Muir is, but came up empty.

  3. I was thinking, ok, this isn't great but what's so bad about it? Then the counting started. It's not just the New Youk accent. She sounds so bored. I'm glad you cut it short, I couldn't stop laughing.

  4. That is a serious accent!

  5. AnonymousJuly 09, 2009

    A whole 4 minutes of Marcy Muir aerobicizing to Copacabana is at http://blogfiles.wfmu.org/DP/2007/09/272_20_Marcy_Muir_-_Copacabana.mp3.

    Even better is Linda Fratianne with Another One Bites the Dust (http://blogfiles.wfmu.org/DP/2007/09/272_09_Linda_Fratianne_-_Another_One_Bites_The_Dust.mp3).

    The very beginning of it is priceless.