When Jesus Was Cool #2

Hippie Religion
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I just read an article in the January 1970 issue of LIFE on the religious youth of the day. The hippies in the picture above are interviewed and every word out of their mouth is either about rock music or drugs. You've just got to love that hippie religion - the "Jesus Freaks". Where Jesus was made into a kind of super hippie: long haired, all about peace and love, and big on spiritual journeys (read: drugs).

Here's a few quotes from the gang pictured above:

"The rock opera Tommy by the Who says toward the end, 'If I told what it takes to reach the highest high, you'd laugh and say "Nothing's that simple."' Experiencing God is the highest high, the ultimate trip."

"It seems inevitable that we are headed toward a culture in which drugs will be less a minority phenomenon. But drugs have been such a religious experience for so many, who better than the church should be experts on this kind of experience?"

"Drugs are a door but not a room. They will get you there, but you must have something to work with once you get there."

Sign me up!

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  1. Jeez, this brings back horrible,horrible memories of the guitar pluckin' Catholic school teachers of my boyhood!

  2. Same memories here. Felt banners and tamborines sure seemed cheesy in church. Today,I'm torn between admiring them and laughing at them.