The Wooger Snatcher!

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I came across this bizarre and troubling little ad and had a couple of questions about it:

1st Question: What in the name of all that is holy in this world is a Wooger Snatcher? It sounds like the stuff of childhood nightmares - not a kitchen utensil. "Watch out kids, or the Wooger Snatcher is going to get you!"

Answer: A wooger is that stringy white thing attached to egg yolks. The Wham-O company thought there might be a market for a tool for getting rid of those things. They thought wrong.

2nd Question: What kind of insane cartoon mascot is this Mr. Hootie anyway? You mean to tell me that some marketing genius thought a good mascot for kitchenware would be a vile clawing freak?

Alas. For this there is no answer.


  1. The whole ad is just disturbing!

  2. Kind of a unique angle to market kitchenware - the freakishly disturbing angle.

  3. A hootie rake for a woogie snatcher? I don't think anything I can say would top that.

  4. AnonymousMay 07, 2010

    I believe the proper term for "wooger" is chalaza, but wooger ain't half bad!