Cheers to the Dads!

I hope all the dad's out there had great Father's Day. I capitalized on the opportunity and had my wife actually agree to go see a horror movie with me. We saw Drag Me To Hell - I loved it, and I think she did too, in spite of herself.

I also got one of those things by Roku that allows you to watch Netfilx movies instantly on your TV. I am really digging it. I'll be watching Family Ties and Buck Rogers tonight. This dad is feeling swell this Father's Day... nothing too exciting, but very, very nice.


  1. Sounds like a great day! Happy Father's Day to you, too, Gilligan!

  2. Happy Father's Day!!

    My husband tried to convince me it was a good idea to go see "Drag Me To Hell" today! I'm *dying* to go see it but didn't think it would be cool to leave the kids at home by themselves today of all days. :)

    Sounds like you had an ideal day!

  3. Thanks, Wings... and back atcha!

    Trix - Thanks! This day is about dear ol' dad. The kids can fend for themselves. Leave some Chef-Boyardee and a can opener on the counter and go see Drag Me to Hell!

    And thanks, Keith! Much appreciated!