Favorite Worlds of Imagination

Dr. Monkerstein in a recent post answered the Onion's AV Club question:

Which works of fiction create a world (or a version of reality) that you’d consider most enjoyable to live in?

I would be tempted to say The Lord of the Rings - who wouldn't want to live in the rustic world of the Shire, right? I think I'd like it, but I have a feeling the Hobbits would hate me. I picture the Gamgee clan running me out of town, and I'm stuck fending for myself. I'm no ranger and would probably starve to death or be killed by a Barrow Wight or something. I'd go stay with Tom Bombadil and his hot wife, but I'd at least have to have Dish Network, TiVo, and access to a Starbucks.

No, the 25th Century is a much better place for me. Groovy chicks, wisecracking robots, and interstellar discos are what this blogger wants. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century would be perfect - all the artificial amenities of The Jetsons with the a dash of late 70's flare - count me in!

Then there's Logan's Run. Sure, you're exterminated before you reach thirty, but what a time you'll have till then! All the cleanliness, conveniences and hedonism you'd expect from a Utopian future. It makes Club Med looks dreary and boring by comparison.

And last but not least, the television show UFO. No surprises here, I have already proclaimed my deep and abiding passion to work for SHADO.

I don't think it's hard to spot a trend here with my three choices - sort of PG-13 versions of The Jetsons. I wonder what your favorite imaginative worlds would be...


  1. Oh my! Look at that outfit!

  2. I would love to live in the Buck Rogers version of the 25th century.

  3. Logan's Run world was a good choice...never thought of that one when I chose. But I want to know why would those accomodating hobbits run your retro ass out of the shire?

  4. I use to be a huge Buck Rogers fan when it first came out, the guy that plays Buck was considered to be pretty hot stuff back then...

  5. Cal, let's just say there'd be a lot of Earth, Wind $ Fire coming from my little hobbit hole.

    Amy, Gerard's thick carpet of chest hair was displayed at every opportunity. The 25th century couldn't handle his big bushy manliness.

  6. I would definitely choose the time of Star Trek the original series. The women in the military wear mini-skirts. The computers seem to require far less typing and have voices. You have transporters so no delays at airports because of weather. You just beam over to where you want to go. Of course the downside would be Klingons, Romulans and the fact that in a few years the Star Fleet Uniforms would turn into the floppy pajama style depicted in Star Trek the motion picture.
    By the way I have never seen UFO. Would like to, but the set is awful high for a one season show.

  7. What about Battlestar Galactica? Traveling through space with Ben Cartwright as your leader? Daggit the robot dog is comparable to Twiki.Or Space 1999 and the Moon is your spaceship as you travel through space?

    To many choices.

    As far as U.F.O. goes here are a few View Master Reels from the show and a a Youtube of the shows intro.


  8. Brian, View masters of UFO? Too cool!

  9. Metal Mark- You raise a valid point about Star Trek - dig them groovy uniforms. As far as UFO is concerned, I have one word for you - Netflix.

    Brian -The Space 1999 velour track suits just don't cut it. And
    UFO + Viewmaster = Total All Encompassing Pleasure... I don't know if I could handle it.

  10. My favorite line from Buck Rogers was a show where, for some reason, it was very cold. I can't remember the circumstances. But Twiki (as that the little robot's name) says "I'm freezing my ball bearings off".

  11. I don't like outerspace or the future cuz I'm a nature freak. So if there was a place in the woods to watch animals and hike with an open bar and hot young gals that were into older dorky guys, I'd be there in a heartbeat. Plus, no cops would be a plus.

  12. The sci-fi universe I would love to live in is not retro enough for this blogg, I would love to be a member of the Lexx crew, second would be onboard Firefly. Those universes is very anarchistic, especially Lexx.
    For retro universes being a male (not red shirt) in the Star Trek universe would be great. I guess it wouldn't be to bad being a Romulan or an Andorian.