Foxy Ladies #1: Cyb and Patricia Barnstable

"Foxy Ladies" posts will center around the superfine babes of the 1970's. Those stone cold foxes that were, as we used to put it, TCFS (Too Cool For School). I tend to scavenge around the less traveled corners of the retro landscape, and will therefore explore many of the forgotten women of yesteryear. As usual, everything's basically rated PG around here... probably more benign than a Tiger Beat - but, hopefully, still a lot of fun.

I'll start with Cyb and Patricia Barnstable - perhaps better known as Betty I and Betty II on the short lived TV series Quark.

Quark had everything going for it: (1) science fiction was the rage thanks to Star Wars, (2) the writer was none other than Buck Henry and (3) it featured the smoking hot Cyb and Patricia Barnstable. There was only one problem... the show just wasn't very funny. Not a good quality in a comedy. The show was cancelled after only 7 episodes. (For more on this interesting little show, read a previous post.)

A few facts:

They were Doublemint Twins and cheerleaders for the University of Kentucky.

Their father was a great basketball player at UK and won an Olympic gold medal.

In 1971 their mother entered them in a beauty contest, so they drew straws to see who would enter. The "loser," Patricia, entered the contest and was named Miss Kentucky, and went on to become runner-up in the Miss USA pageant.

Cyb married a model, Lowell McGlothin. Judging strictly by his picture below, he seems kind of shmarmy. They divorced in 1984.

Patricia married Dr. David E. Brown, who died from diabetes in 2003. His death was the inspiration for The Barnstable Brown Gala held every eve of the Kentucky Derby. This event has raised over $15 million dollars for diabetic research.

Not too shabby. Now here's a few more screen caps from Quark...


  1. Interesting information

  2. AnonymousJune 26, 2009


    I remember the show - a little. Did the twins argue over which one of the two was "the clone"? Seems that that was a running gag, but I might have this confused with something else.

  3. You are correct, Don. It was a running gag (if you can call it that, since the show only lasted 7 episodes).

  4. Gads what a day. Anyway, I'm looking forward to this series of undersung ladies.

  5. I recently saw Quark and was so disappointed that it didn't hold up like I remembered it. There was a time as a young kid that I though it was the funniest thing ever. I thought the twins were gorgeous. Now they just seem so...70s if that makes any sense.

  6. Cal,"gorgeous" and "70s" are not mutually exclusive terms. But I will agree with you, the show was a flop for a good reason- it wasn't funny... at all.

  7. Hmm, don't remember this one, guys!

  8. I sort of remember this show. I was only like eight when it was on. Battlestar Gallactica made much more of an impression on me. Not that it didn't have it's faults as well.

  9. Ah yes Quark, this was one of My obscure series of the week over at my Myspace page.Which by the way is returning on my blogger check it out.
    And the Doublmint twins pure seventies babeage.Is that even a word.But no Babes of the seventies feature would be complete without the lovely Kim richards of Hello Larry fame .

  10. Never saw this show, but definitely some hot babes.

  11. I still love Quark. Did you know the Barnstable girls are now known for hosting "The" party to be seen at at the Kentucky Derby every year? Have been for some time!

    1. Thanks for not reading the story

  12. A true hero whose death even raised so much money to save huge number of people .

  13. As a Star Wars nut, I loved Quark. Or rather, it was at least sci-fi and the nearest thing to Star Wars I could find on the four stations we had.

    I remember one scene where they were all in trouble, and they had to chant, “We want The Source!” for The Source to come through and save them. I still find myself saying it at times.

  14. I love this show, and I, apparently, shall be the lone voice of dissent and say that I think the show was quite funny. Admittedly, it's not side-splitting, but the humor's there. It almost felt like a Briton was writing for an American sci-fi comedy show as much of the humor was pretty dry. Any fan of sci-fi should get & appreciate all of the Star Trek & Star Wars jabs the show was rife with. I'd be surprised if Grant & Naylor of Red Dwarf fame claimed to not have seen this show.

    Frankly, if you were to drop the 'laff track' this could have been elevated to something that would've stood the test of time if not simply for its singular oddness for when it was produced.
    It's out on DVD folks...give it another chance...be patient...and discover what "it" was all about.

    Lastly, I'd remark that it was a smart re-tooling after the pilot episode to have replaced Dr. O.B. Mudd with Ficus Pandorata, the first Spock spoof.

  15. OBloodyHellJanuary 12, 2014

    If you want a nice pair of twin babes, there's always Leigh and Lynette Harris, who were in a couple movies, then one married a very rich old guy, and apparently they became a sister act. Last I heard, the one that had married the old guy was in trouble over income tax evasion.

    But they were pretty good in Sorceress (1982) (NOTE: not to be confused with the Julie Strain movie of the same name), as well as I, The Jury.

  16. AnonymousJune 10, 2014

    I was a student at the University of Kentucky when they were cheerleaders and did TV commercials for a local appliance dealer called Pieratt's. They were known around campus as "Syph" and "Trash".