Important Things to Know #4

Some random facts for your viewing pleasure...

1. The actress who played David Banner's wife, Laura, in the burning car in the opening montage of The Incredible Hulk pilot was Dark Shadows star, Lara Parker (shown above). Her husband played little Tommy Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life (1946).

2. Grand Marshal of the Gay Pride Parade, Dick Sargent, and lesbian, Fannie Flagg appeared on the game show Tattletales as husband and wife.

3. As a teenager, Daryl Hall was almost killed by falling boxes of mouthwash.

4. The brother of Joannie on Happy Days (Erin Moran) played Michael Myers in the movie Halloween (1978).

5. In a 1971 episode of the TV series Night Gallery, called The Last Laurel, Jack Cassidy (David Cassidy’s dad) played a character who accidentally killed himself while sleeping. In 1976, Cassidy accidentally killed himself while sleeping.

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