Mini Skirt Monday #12: A Couple Tall Orders

This advertisement parody from MAD magazine probably falls flat nowadays. How many people get why there's a giant woman who's somehow connected to BF Goodrich?

Once upon a time, roadside establishments such as restaraunts, hotels, and automotive centers often used giant statues and designs to attract customers. Uniroyal tires used a statue of a woman commonly known as the "Uniroyal Gal". She was generally 20 ft. tall and would either wear skimpy or conservative clothing depending on the tolerance of the city. (more here) The one in Rocky Mount, NC has hot pants that put Daisy Duke's to shame.

Get the joke now? The tire company has fired her because she had a baby with the Jolly Green Giant.... okay, it still isn't funny. But at least we understand it.

This Scotch ad features another mini-skirted giant. I'm not sure exactly what they mean by a "10 foot feeling" but I am craving a Tom Collins right about now.


  1. I'm craving a Tom Collins myself right now, especially if a hot babe like that will drink with me. Cheers!

  2. 10 foot? He wishes. I'm afraid he'll only be getting a 4 inch feeling. (Wait for it...think about for it a second...there you go.)