Mini Skirt Monday #13: Her Sunday Best

This article from Jet magazine 4/13/1967:

Pastor's Wife in Mini-Skirt Boosts Attendance
Over in London, England, Rev. Denis Janney and his 28 yr. old model-wife, Marjorie, received anonymous critical letters. "It's not their business what sort of skirt my wife wears. It's this kind of intolerance which keeps many people from going to church," said Rev. Janney, adding that as far as he knew, no one in his congregation objected to his wife's skirt. "The fact is - our attendance is growing," he said.

Somthing tells me Marjorie would have no problems with her skirt at Eli's NOW Church. What do you think?

[The album cover is from (where else?) the LP Cover Lover]


  1. That is SO funny! No wonder the church attendance grew.

  2. Well it helps that she has nice legs, but I seriously doubt that's the only reason attendance grew at the church. Probably had more to do with the general acceptance and attitude. Speaking of mini-skirts, did you see my Ferranti and Tiecher album cover from a few days ago?

  3. I might have to check out Rev. Eli's church. That looks like one cool house of worship from the looks of that cover.

  4. Retrohound - You're probably right about the reason attendance grew. Also, I just checked your album and it is indeed quite nice. You definitely have some cool stuff.

  5. "28"?!?!?!? Yeah, right. I mean, the woman has great gams, but if she was 28 in that picture, then she that modeling career must have been ROUGH.