Most Hated Meme

Here I go again with the meme thing. I can't help it. I've never met a meme I didn't like. This one's not even retro related, but here goes anyway...

So far, I've seen Darius, Cal, and Wings tackle this meme - which is basically a list of things you hate. This is all done with a degree of humor and levity, so don't take it too seriously.

1. Most Hated Food
Circus Peanuts - Styrofoam bits of alien matter

2. Most Hated Person
Bill Mahr- smug as the day is long, makes Limbaugh and Hannity look open minded.

3. Most Hated Job
I had a job giving mice Salmonella... it was for research, but holy crap I hated it. Animal lovers may take comfort in the fact that I myself contracted the disease and almost died... instant karma, I suppose.

4. Most Hated City
As an Air Force brat, I've lived all over the world and by far the worst place I've ever stayed is a place called Prattville, Alabama. Long story.

5. Most Hated Band
Nickelback- A level of blandness so severe it's almost not even music, more like white noise.

6. Most Hated Website
Anything with obnoxious pop-ups

7. Most Hated TV Program
Ace of Cakes

8. Most Hated Movie
Mystic River

9. Most Hated Artist
Rob Liefeld - he basically ruined comics for me back around 1992. I don't think I've bought a new comic since.

10. Most Hated Book
Any book by Anne Coulter

11. Most Hated Shop
Ebay - Once you could find a Dukes of Hazzard lunchbox at a flea market or yard sale for 10 cents, now it's going for a hundred bucks on ebay.

12. Most Hated Organization
The Skull and Bones Society... they scare me

13. Most Hated Historical Event
The formation of Nickelback (see #5)

14. Most Hated Sport

15. Most Hated Piece of Tech
The cell phone

16. Most Hated Annual Event
I love Christmas, but hate buying the presents. It's not so much the money as it is the pure, unadulterated soul crushing stress.

17. Most Hated Daily Task
Dragging my sorry butt to work

18. Most Hated Comedian
Bill Mahr, again. He actually made fun of me when I was at the Improv in California. I should never have sat on the front row.

Well, that's it. Kind of a negative meme, I know. Maybe if you're in a particularly ugly mood, you might try this one yourself. I'd be interested to see it.


  1. Great list! But circus peanuts? Really? They may be totally artifical and such, but they are yummy!

  2. As I sit here on my iPhone,on vacation, and taking the time to read your blog; what do you do? You go and insult the preferred community! You should be ashamed of yourself!!

  3. That was cool to read. I hate Bill myself. I've never liked him.

  4. Wings - Grape Nuts (AKA aquarium gravel) was a close second.

    cellprint- Sorry to rain on your vacation... but I tell it like I see it. Now go back to the beach and forget I said anything. :-)

    Keith- Thanks, man. It's not so much Mahr's views, as it is his delivery and attitude.

  5. Wow. I just noticed I lost a follower. Must have pissed someone off with this meme. Big time Bill Mahr fan maybe?

  6. The Mindy pic is perfect.

  7. What the hell is the 'preferred community'? Get a life cellprint - oh right..you have one..what is a vacation? I love this meme too because it reminded me how much I hate MAN Coulture.

  8. I hate the word "meme." It really bothers me for some reason and I won't use it on my blog, even if I participate in one.

    My pet peeve is listening to other people's pet peeves. However, I enjoyed reading your list.

  9. I completely agree about the worthlessness of Nickelback and Anne Coulter, but circus peanuts? How dare you, sir!

  10. AnonymousJune 05, 2009

    Circus peanuts are GROSS.

    I agree with Retro Hound up there. The word "meme" bothers me too. I don't know why.

  11. Ok I gotta do this one...