Trivia Newton-John #9: Cannonball Run

Today's question is: Who won the Cannonball Run?

1. The oil sheik (Jamie Farr)
2. The wealthy business exec (Burt Convy)

3. The mechanic and the race car driver (Dom DeLuise and Burt Reynolds)

4. The Japanese driver of the high tech Subaru (Jackie Chan)

5. The spandex clad drivers of the Lamborghini (Adrienne Barbeau and Tara Buckman)

6. The so-called "priests" (Sammy Davis, Jr. and Dean Martin)

7. The rednecks driving the NASCAR vehicle (Terry Bradshaw and Mel Tillis)

8. A guy who believes he's Roger Moore (Roger Moore)

9. or.... (choke)(sob).... FARRAH!!!!

As always, leave your answer in the comments section. Since this is a multiple choice, you can only answer once. Be the first to choose correctly and win a nice Trivia Newton-John Award to place proudly in your blog's sidebar. When the correct answer is given, I will post the award for the winner. Good luck!


Congratulations to jb funky - the man who brings the Lawrence Welk funk to the masses day after day on his awesome blog. Claim your prize, sir!


  1. AnonymousJune 28, 2009

    The winner is....FARRAH! FARRAH! FARRAH! FARRAH, of course! She was on the winning team ABC in Battle of the Network Stars!

    (Dunno if she won the Cannonball, but at least I was the first to declare our sweet Angel victorious, as I have grown weary of her unfortunate passing constantly being upstaged to MJ's surprise demise.)
    Thank you!

  2. The winners were No.5 the spandex laden drivers (Barbeau and Buckman)

  3. Sorry, Viva. Farrah was on Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLouis' team - they lost because Dom saw a damsel in distress and turned into Captain Chaos to save the day. This allowed Adrienne Barbeau to punch the ticket first at the finish line.

    So, jbfunky is the new winner! I'll put your award up in a couple minutes. Congrats!

  4. Pretty sure it was the boobsy twins, but all I remember is 20 minutes of Burt yanking moustache hairs out of Dom during the credits :-)

  5. Duh. You already had a winner. At least I was right :-)

  6. Thanks Gilligan! I knew years of watching the Cannonball Run would pay off....it's posted proudly on my blog as I write.

    R.I.P Billy Mays....he's making burgers with his Big City Slider Station up in heaven right now.

  7. Yes, it was Team Adrienne [dreamy sigh] who won CB1.

    The oil sheik (Farr) won CB2 (technically, I guess it was the orangutan on the sheik's team).