When Legends Gather

Ted Knight, Hank Aaron and Tony Orlando.

As you might have guessed, this post owes its title to the well known If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger photo blog. And naturally it gets a little Retrospace twist. If you have a blog, I wonder what your "When Legends Gather" photo would look like?


  1. Here's mine Gilligan....

    it would be Jack Benny and Lawrence Welk

  2. jbfunky - I must be psychic. I knew you were going to say Lawrence Welk!

  3. Just found your site while I was looking for a picture of Buck Rogers. Very cool.

  4. I'll tell you the photo that I saw only once, many years ago (and have not seen since), but in remembering it I got me the idea for 'When Legends Gather':

    Robert Bork and Redd Foxx.

    Dunno if I'll ever see that one again, but that's my ideal 'Legends' entry.

    Incidentally . . . excellent blog!

  5. Wow. That's interesting that your "When Legends Gather" inspiration at Charlie Parker came from Bork and Red Foxx! Awesome.

    And thanks to Metal Head... searching for some Buck Rogers is a serious mission indeed - I hope you found what you were looking for.