The Great Read Award

Tommy Salami at Pluck You, Too! and Keith at The Dino Lounge have both bestowed the "Great Read Award" upon Retrospace. Much thanks to these two guys who both run multiple blogs, all of them awesome.

I jump at any opportunity to spread the good word about great blogs that are out there. I chose 10 blogs that I enjoy visiting on a regular basis. I could have easily named more.

Harry Moseby Confidential
70's Child
Glamour a-go-go!
I'm Learning to Share
Judge a Book by Its Cover
Monkey Muck
LP Cover Lover
Knitting Pattern Handsome
Paco Camino
Sitcom Diablo

Will the winners of the "Great Read Award" please step forward and collect your award. Display it proudly in your sidebar - you earned it.


  1. Definitely well deserved! Now off to check out some of the blogs you mention.

  2. Hey thanks Gil. I shall display it proudly indeed. (c:

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  4. Totally going up on my wall next to the crocheted birds my mother-in-law made in the '70s. It'll fit right in!

    Maughta @ Judge A Book

  5. Somehow i missed this, thanks for telling me about it and thanks for the award!

  6. You are quite welcome! I think everyone needs a pat on the back every once and a while.

    Wings - I actually saw your childhood "man with the golden helmet" painting you have mentioned on your blog several times. It was actually in the same booth where I got my Meatballs album (mentioned in my previous post)just sitting there on the floor leaning against a bookcase.... I instantly thought of your blog.

  7. Gilligan: That painting is just waiting to torment a whole new generation!

  8. Wow, thank you so much! I am honored! I love your blog too! :)

  9. Your site is certainly a regular on my list to drop by and skim over. I usually do it every few days and you always have at least a couple new items to chew on. Sadly can't say the same for my snail paced site that spends most of its time in the ICU. Do you know Kimberly's blog, Cinebeats? I think the url is:


    it is a movie blog but has a real retro look and feel and is well written. I wish I could write like her and Rik Rawlins at http://psychskull.wordpress.com

    You have a good commentary style and while you're posts are short they are loaded with info and trivia, things I love.

  10. Hey Gilligan - - Many thanks for the award, and for your ongoing support of 'I'm Learning To Share'. The feeling is mutual.

    I just wish I could still be giving my blog the attention I'd like. Oh well, maybe someday.

    Meanwhile, my latest post was going to be dedicated to you even before you gave the nifty award...

    Thanks again, see you out there!

  11. Why thanks,Gilligan! Now I will have to start updating more often!