Sex Sells #7

The guy who thought of the "Take Your Top Off" slogan was probably real proud of himself. Of course, he owes a debt of gratitude to the grandaddy of all automobile advertising innuendo - the infamous Plymouth Star Chief "Spread Your Legs" campaign...

And who could forget this successful slogan from 1975?

The original ad read "Gimme Some Trim, Dammit! I Gots To Have Me Some Mother F***ing Trim!" but was shortened. Marketing experts wisely determined that a more abbreviated catch phrase was more direct and easily remembered.

(The top ad is from a 1979 issue of Orange Coast magazine. The bottom two are by yours truly.)


  1. Thanks for sharing these with us. I really love seeing these definitely un-pc ads.

  2. I'm sure you realize, Keith, the last two are fakes. Just me being funny/cynical/stupid.

  3. I fell for the Spread your legs one. The Trim one made me bust out laughing, haven't heard that term in a while. I work in a loaf of Wonder bread.

    The new Mini Cooper ad campaigns have been pretty cheeky. They had a "how to get it on in a Mini" ad for the British market.

  4. I fell for both of them. I guess I just have very little faith in the advertisers of the past. Regardless, that guy in the tuxedo is staring at that woman REALLY creepily.