Vinyl Dynamite #11: Meatballs

Meatballs Soundtrack
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I went to the flea market with my dad last week. As we poured through the bins of old vinyl, he kept handing me great albums by The Doors, The Byrds, Steely Dan, etc. and I kept saying "no thanks" and picked up the Meatballs soundtrack instead.

"Why in the hell would you choose the soundtrack to Meatballs over these classic albums?" he wanted to know. This really gets to the heart of why one collects records in the first place. It has a lot to do with getting something that you can't just download from iTunes or buy in a store. Meatballs has been long out of print, and here it is in my hands. It has the rare extended dance version of "Makin' It" - the shorter version of the song went gold and spawned a sitcom.

The album also features songs by Mary "Torn Between Two Lovers" McGregor and Rick "Disco Duck" Dees; however, my favorite may be the "C.I.T. Song" simply for the fond memories of singing it over and over with my friends back in '79:

We are the CIT's so pity us,
the kids are brats the food is hideous.
We're gonna smoke and drink and fool around.
We're nookie bound.
We're the North Star CIT's.

By the way, C.I.T. stands for "counsellors-in-training"

And who can forget the opening song "Are You Ready for the Summer" by the Camp North Star Kids Chorus? Bill Murray's dialogue within the song is pretty hilarious.


  1. What a coincidence! I was talking about Meatballs with a friend of mine at church on Sunday, referencing the "Wudy the Wabbit" pep talk given by Bill Murray. I was actually humming the Northstar CIT theme as I walked in the door at work this morning and imagine to my surprise you have a post on this very subject. I feel like I am in the twilight zone.

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  3. Oh, nice score! No pun intended. Thanks for getting the CIT's song stuck in my head!

    PS: I have awarded you a Great Read for your awesome blogosity HERE.

  4. I was watching Meatballs just last month. Have to watch it at least once every summer.

  5. That's a great find. I always loved that movie.

  6. Hitch - That is freaking strange. Thats almost too much of a coincidence - is there a glitch in The Matrix?

    Monkerstein - Indeed it is. It shall be a precious family heirloom to be handed down generations.

    Moviezzz- You lucky dawg. Hang on to it like your life depends on it. But be gentle.

    Tommy - Thanks, dude. I will be posting a shout out soon.

    Metal Mark - You should not be allowed to vote or graduate from high school unless you know Meatballs by heart.

    Keith - It is indeed. It troubles me that you say loveD Meatballs in the past tense. My love of Meatballs is eternal. ;-)

  7. Ha ha, this is great. I love Bill Murray. I'd buy that album for the cover art alone.

  8. Yeah - watch it with the kids every summer! Have the soundtrack close to my turntable right now!