Cinema #5: The Retrospace List of Redneck Cinema and Hick Flicks

Imagine my surprise when I discovered there's no respectable list of Hick Flicks anywhere to be found on the Internets. Call it whatever you want, Redneck Cinema, Hicksploitation, Hixsploitation, or Whitesploitation - there's no list anywhere. Wikipedia has a rather pathetic paragraph which references a woefully incomplete list at The Deuce, and beyond that, there's nothing. So, here's my attempt at creating a list. I'm sure I'm leaving some out, so I encourage you to point out any omissions so that this list can be as complete as possible.

Any Which Way You Can
Bad Georgia Road
Baker County, U.S.A
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Big Bad Mama
Black Oak Conspiracy
Bloody Mama
Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw
Bonnie and Clyde
Breaker Beauties
Breaker! Breaker!
Buster and Billie
Child Bride
Citizen's Band
Coast to Coast
Common Law Wife
The Concrete Cowboys
Country Blue
Country Cuzzins
Deadhead Miles
Death Proof
The Devil's 8
The Dion Brothers
Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry
Dixie Dynamite
Dream No Evil
Eat My Dust
Eaten Alive
Every Which Way but Loose
Evil in the Swamp
The Farmer
Fight for Your Life
Fighting Mad
Final Chapter: Walking Tall
Fireball 500
Flatbed Annie & Sweety Pie
Gator Bait
Good Ol' Boys (TV movie)
The Great Smokey Roadblock
The Great Texas Dynamite Chase
High Ballin'
Hillbillies in a Haunted House
Hot Stuff
Hot Summer in Barefoot County
Hunter's Blood
I Spit on Your Grave
If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?
Jackson County Jail
Joe Dirt
Just Before Dawn
The Legend of Boggy Creek
Little Laura & Big John
Macon County Line
Moonshine County Express
Moonshine Mountain
The Moonshine War
Moonshiner's Woman
Motel Hell
Mother's Day
Movin' On
Nashville Girl
Nashville Rebel
The Pigkeeper's Daughter
Poor Pretty Eddie
Poor White Trash
Raising Arizona
Redneck Country
Redneck Miller
Redneck Zombies
Return to Macon County
Savage Weekend
Scum of The Earth
Shotgun Wedding
Six Pack
Six Pack Annie
A Small Town in Texas
Smokey & the Bandit I, II, III
Smokey and the Hotwire Gang
Southern Comfort
Steel Cowboy
Stroker Ace
Swamp Country
Swamp Girl
Swamp Water
Swamp Women
Take This Job and Shove It
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
This Stuff'll Kill Ya
Thunder and Lightning
Thunder in Carolina
Thunder Road
The Town That Dreaded Sundown
Two Thousand Maniacs
Truckin' Man
Urban Cowboy
Walking Tall (I and II)
White Lightning
White Line Fever
W.W. and The Dixie Dancekings
Year of the Yahoo

Note: Read the previous post for background information on the genre of Redneck Cinema. And, again, please put any omitted Hick Flicks in a comment, so that the comments section can serve as an extension of the list. There needs to be a definitive Hick Flick list somewhere!


  1. Joe Dirt?

  2. Dirty Mary Crazy Larry?
    Death Proof (2007)?

  3. Yeah, I guess I probably need help on the more current hick flicks. Great suggestions.

  4. Lot of work here Gil. I can only think of eat My dust which starred Ron Howard in a hot rod flick. This looks pretty comprehensive though I am sure there will a few title still to add. Good job!

  5. There are two that I am not seeing on here. I have to agree with the first comment of Joe Dirt and my addition would have to be The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

    now for my shame... I am almost embarrassed to admit, I have seen 80% of these.

  6. I imagine most Burt Reynolds movies from the 70s would work into your list.

    What about Raising Arizona? Pink Flamingos (talk about white trash!)?

  7. Where's THUNDER ROAD?!?!? Big Bad Bob Mitchum runs moonshine in East Tennessee and it doesn't make the list?!?!?

  8. ...and now that I think about it, THE DEVIL'S 8, a redneck moonshiners version of THE DIRTY DOZEN starring Christopher George and Fabian should be on the list, too.

    Nashville turned out about 40 country-western musicals a year between the 1950s and mid-70s. There were any number of moonshine and/or stock car racing movies released as well (now that I think of it, CORKY with Robert Blake should be on the list, too).

    I'd suggest looking for more flicks by using "Nashville" and "country-western musicals" in the Google searches.

    No HILLBILLIES IN A HAUNTED HOUSE...no Judy Canova movies (I can't stand her style of comedy, but she's definitely in the hillbilly tradition)...no Ma & Pa Kettle movies...no FROM NASHVILLE WITH MUSIC (a CW musical in which producer Leo G. Carroll and director Jose' Gonzalez-Gonzalez audition every act in Nashville for a movie)...

  9. "All the Kind Strangers" (aka "Evil in the Swamp"), a 1974 made-for-TV movie starring Stacy Keach, Samantha Eggar, and Robby Benson. Also, "Swamp Women," a 1955 Roger Corman opus.

  10. Oh, and "Five Minutes to Love," featuring a young Rue McClanahan (!) as "Poochie, the girl from the shack."

  11. And "Dream No Evil" with Edmond O'Brien. Some excellent traveling revival action, in which the female lead high-dives into a bucket for Jee-zus!

  12. Uranium Willy- Eat My Dust is a good one. And, yes, there's probably tons not on this list, but hopefully everyone's comments will fill in the gaps.

    Jerasphere- No shame in it. Around here that's a badge of honor.

    Retro Hound- Raising Arizona I think qualifies as a hick flick.
    Good one.

    Buzz- I'm not real familiar with movies from the 1950s - my specialty here at Retrospace is basically ~ 1965-1985. Plus, some of those early films (i.e. Lil' Abner) don't quite qualify. Thunder Road definitely should be included, though.

    Propagatrix- Excellent suggestions! I haven't seen the Stacy Keach one, but it sounds like something I'd love!

  13. Great list, Gilligan!

    Agree with Buzz--Thunder Road is the Platonic ideal of Hix Flix.

    A few more:

    White Lightning (Gator, which you list, was a sequel to this one).

    The Last American Hero

    43: The Richard Petty Story (that well-known hillbilly Darren McGavin plays his daddy Lee ....)

    Every Elvis Movie Ever Made, Including The Ones Set In Hawaii and Saudi Arabia

    I think we also have to include "Bonnie and Clyde" (you can't be disqualified from being Redneck Cinema just because your film is really *good* ... and, let's remember, the most sophisticated major character in the film is portrayed by Denver Pyle ....)

    I should be able to think of more, but my memories of my 1970s Tennessee childhood are fading ....

  14. I'm from the South. Most of my family would be considered rednecks. I've seen no telling how many of these. lol

  15. How did I forget to put White Lightning?!?! This is perhaps my FAVORITE of all hick flicks! Thanks for the reminder YibbleGuy! I will add it to the list along with Thunder Road asap.

  16. MST3K once did a hick flick, but the title eludes me. It took place in the swamp, there were slugs (or snakes or something), and the main character was a very awkward looking dude with red hair. Ring any bells with anyone? I can't think of it and it's driving me nuts!

  17. Glad you included Southern Comfort, which was a kick-ass flick, if nobody's seen it.

  18. Gilligan, I think the MST3K you mention is "Boggy Creek II," which is a most excellent slice of possum head cheese.

  19. I would add Russ Meyer's Lorna. I've always sort of considered it a companion piece to Mudhoney.

  20. And if 'best little whorehouse' wasn't bad enough, dolly had to give us 'rhinestone' to make the wound smart just a little more..

  21. My opinion is that the genre isn't ever talking down to the viewer or snotty or making fun of "hicks". That's why I don't think a snotty Cohen brothers movie would ever count nor any modern movie where crude "hick" stereotypes are played up for cidiots. Burt Reynolds movies never did that. The difference would be the same as a true country music song versus a parody made for people who don't like country music. One counts, the other doesn't. That being said, I think your list is about as comprehensive as can be made.

  22. How about Honeysuckle Rose?

  23. Thank you for this list! I am trying to find some good bday presents for my guy and came across this. I ordered a couple and will pick up some more for Xmas. YAY!

    Thanks again!

  24. Danny Cohen CachoFebruary 14, 2011

    I want to see them all

  25. WW and the Dixie Dance Kings.
    Shanty Tramp.
    Child Bride.

  26. Kissin' Cousins. Should have at least ONE Elvis movie!

  27. Sassy Sue , Sweet Georgia , Tabaco Roody , Dr. Carstairs 1869 Love Root Elixir , The Scavengers , The Country Hooker , Preacherman Meets Widder Woman , Midnight Plowboy , Capsule : Poor Pretty Eddie , and Criminally Insane to name just a few more .

  28. I love the list, been waitin for one of these for a long time. Don't forget about The Last American Hero with Jeff Bridges and Gary Busey. The family still get raided and Jeff Bridges is forced Go be a nascar driver in order to buy dads freedom.