RIP John Hughes

I love John Hughes movies - always have. From the Vacation films to Pretty in Pink, these are classic movies, and I have a lot of fond memories associated with them. Admittedly, I sort of jumped off the John Hughes boat around the time of Home Alone, but prior to that, I saw nearly everything he put out.

What are my favorites of his work? That's a hard one, but if I had to choose a few, they'd be: Sixteen Candles, National Lampoon's Vacation, The Breakfast Club, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and Weird Science. The man was a master at tapping into the 80's teen psyche. What a great loss. :-(


  1. My wife and I both were very sad to hear of Mr. Hughes passing. He epitomized the youth culture of the 80's. Blue skies John....

  2. What a great pop culture filmmaker Mr. Hughes was. I'm very sad about his passing. We should shitcan the entire nauseating Michael Jackson Media Monster and dedicate weeks to rediscovering Mr. Hughes' seminal works, IMHO.

    This guy made teenagers smart, real and complicated people and portrayed their issues in an intelligent, hilarious and revealingly vulnerable light that had previously never been done.

    His films, either as writer, director or writer/director always had his trademark comedic touch, but also the vulnerability and pain that motivated his characters. Plains Trains & Automobiles (and John Candy's performance) remain one of my faves.

    I think Mr. Hughes' movies hold a special place for many of us who experienced adolescence in the '80s.

  3. So many to choose from! He gave a generation so great films.

  4. I have such a heavy heart since learning the news Teen movies have never been the same since John Hughes stopped making them - they were smart, funny (without resorting to gross bathroom humor) and thought provoking, and you could totally relate to the characters. I'm sure everyone knew at least one girl in high school that reminded them of Molly Ringwald.

    Here is a really great story circulating the Web about Hughes - it really shows what a nice guy he was. I hope everyone will read it; I personally found it very moving.


  5. Great comments, everybody. I will have to check out that link, goretrogirl.

    pmmf custodian - I wish you had written this post instead of me - you summed it up much better than I did. Well said.

  6. Has any filmmaker since captured a generation's coming of age the same way? I mean, in a consistent manner?

  7. My Condolences to his family, I loved some of his movies especially the breakfast club, Home Alone and Home Alone 2. Definitely his movies defined a generation as well as gave us plenty of chuckles. For all his fans I have collected some good sites and articles (more than 250 sites ) related to his latest news coverage, biography, Movies, Movie Quotes and Interviews. If you are interested take a look at the below link

  8. Thanks, Gilligan. I gotta say that of all the latest passings of celebrity icons, this one grabbed me the most. From all accounts, Mr. Hughes was a real class act.

    Quote from 1991, in which Hughes describes his films: "These are just simple truths about people and families. I happen to go for the simplest, most ordinary things. The extraordinary doesn't interest me. I'm not interested in psychotics. I'm interested in the person you don't expect to have a story. I like Everyman."

  9. Me and my friends were very sad to hear this sad news...

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