Beatles Covers #2: Norwegian Wood by The Folkswingers

The Folkswingers album Raga Rock (1966) basically capitalizes on the popularity of psychedelic sitar sounds of the day like Ravi Shankar (an artist from this same label). The cover of "Norwegian Wood" isn't actually half bad IMHO.

The Folkswingers were actually less a band than a studio project. Their most famous member (from their 1963 lineup) was Glen Campbell. However, they are most famous and significant for their indirect role in the birth of folk rock.

As a show of appreciation for the producer's (Jim Dickson) good work on the Folkswingers LP 12 String Guitar!, the company allowed him extra studio time with his other band, The Byrds. This extra studio time has been directly linked to The Byrds' being able to refine their "electric folk rock" sound that would take the world by storm.

As another point of interest, several members of The Folkswingers were members of the Dillards, a highly respected and influential bluegrass group who were regulars on The Andy Griffith Show (as The Darling Boys).

A thanks to Chocoreve for the song. I recommend this site for more on The Dillards.

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