Mini Skirt Monday #22: In the Yearbook

Burbank H.S. 1968
Once upon a time, mini skirts filled the halls of high schools and colleges across the world. Subsequently, these high hemlines decorated the pages of thousands of yearbooks. Let's take a look at a few pages from our mini skirted past.

The heyday in the U.S. was definitely from 1968-1974, so all of these images are from within that time period. Click the "read more" option to see some more images; click on the images themselves to see full size at source page. No commentary, just yearbook images.... enjoy.


  1. These are all cool. I remember looking at my couple of uncles' yearbooks. These are the type of images that were definitely in those.

  2. Looks like my wife's yearbook photos. Would look like my yearbook as well except I went to an all boys school.