awoade:  grindlebone: Erotic AND hilarious!

This one's a keeper. I love the way the guy is giving us a look that says, "Damn right, there's two chicks grabbing my junk. You know you wish you were me right now."

The 1970's truly was the golden age of the moustache, and this dude is sporting a textbook porn moustache. It's interesting that the author made him a stewardess (Doesn't a stewardess by definition have to be a female?) rather than a pilot. I can't really picture this moustachioed stud serving Sprite and crackers on an airplane. But, I guess that's the gimmick. Works for me.

Here's the description from Femininity in Flight (but don't use this at our book club meeting, I'll know you didn't read it):

...a puerile novel recounting the heterosexual adventures of a male flight attendant, who is among the very first men to be employed as cabin crew by his fictive airline. This swinging steward character heralded the new era of a more diverse flight attendant workforce in his own prurient and, in retrospect, ironic way. The growing number of male flight attendants who entered the occupation after discriminatory employment rules favoring young, single women were dropped in the late 1960s eventually were widely presumed to be mostly gay and often stereotyped as effeminate. But for a macho moment in the 1970s, as this novel captured, some men imagined the job as an ideal way to surround oneself with attractive, available women. (Think Three’s Company on the airlines.)

Happy reading!
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