Retrospace Zeta #3: The Stoned Rollers

I don't know who these people are, but when I stumbled across this image on my image blog Retrospace Zeta, I was mesmerized. As many of you know from some of my previous posts, I like to over analyze and concoct theories around album covers and old pictures. This one had me at "hello".

Looking at this closely, you'll see this is a mixed league. I'm not sure about Redondo Beach, but generally that means an equal number of males to females on a team. Yet, here we have 4 guys and 2 girls. With that in mind, notice that the 2 dudes in the center would appear to be an interracial gay couple. Pretty progressive for 1975.

Speaking of "progressive", I wonder how many adult mixed bowling leagues you could find today with names that blatantly reference pot. STONED alone would make the point that the team "parties", but they had to add ROLLERS to further underline the fact that they thoroughly enjoy rolling joints. They might as well have called themselves the WE HAVE A GIANT GRAVITY BONG IN THE CAR team.

And I'm sure the dude on the end is the one that came up with the name. Is that David Lee Roth's brother? He is making a facial expression one can only achieve whilst high.

The nerdy looking couple on the other end probably aren't as straight laced as their appearance would indicate. I've watched enough Real Sex on HBO to know that these goofy looking couples are often the kinkiest.

And, finally, back to the alleged interracial gay couple in the center. It's possible that this is a 5 person team, and the two dudes just alternate as the 5th man (as the presence of only 5 bowling balls would indicate and the mixed "5" league designation).... but look at the way they're cozied up to each other. They're gay. Maybe someone out there with better "gaydar" than I can correct me or verify this one.

BTW South Bay Bowl in Redondo Beach is still around. I bet none of their current leagues party like the legendary Stoned Rollers. So, here's to you Stoned Rollers (raising glass); may your grooviness forever shine on.


  1. Cool photo. I think you are spot on with your assertions.

  2. I wold have totally partied with them in the late '70's.

  3. If every Bowling Alley had people like this - Bowling would be more popular today!