Why Disco Died: Reason #21

How audacious could disco get? Look no further than "I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper" from 1978. It's an incredible piece of space disco which blends science-fiction and sexual innuendo to their tackiest extreme. I don't know how many lines of cocaine it took to write this song, but the end product stands as a perfect example of disco gone wild. This is dance music crazier than a shit house rat.

Take a good long look at these lyrics. Shiza Minelli, they're awful!!
Hey, Captain Strange, won't you be my lover?
You're the best thing that I've ever discovered.
Flash Gordon's left me - he's gone to the stars
And evil Darth Vader has me banished to Mars

Tell me, Captain Strange, do you feel my devotion?
Or are you like a droid, devoid of emotion?
Encounters one and two are not enough for me
What my body needs is close encounter three

Courtesy of WFMU, click here and listen to the song or the media player below.

And check who the singer is. Sweet Lincoln's mullet! It's sung by Sarah Brightman! The best-selling female classical artist of the twenty-first century, the the world's biggest selling soprano of all time!

I find it nothing short of amazing that the same lady who sang "Con te partirĂ²" with Andrea Bocelli, one of the most beautiful songs ever written, also sang the words "Take me, make me feel The Force" to a disco beat.

Brightman was once a member of the dance troupe, Hot Gossip. We in the States had the raunchy Solid Gold Dancers, and in the U.K. they had the slightly less raunchy Pan's People. However, the Brits also had another group of raunchy dancers called Hot Gossip, who put them both to shame. You can go here to download a one hour special called The Very Hot Gossip Show, one of the highest rating shows for Channel 4 that year (big surprise).

From a British Solid Gold Dancer to a world renowned soprano... pretty impressive, I'd say!

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  1. Disco died, and yet science fiction lived on... ironic?

  2. WOW! The girls of Hot Gossip look alot like the Hill Angels from the Benny Hill Show.

    My dad is gonna freak out, he loves Sarah Brightman

  3. Whatever you do, don't tell him that Andrea Bocelli was the construction worker in The Village People. Little known fact.

  4. Sarah Brighman!? Man, I like her albums.