WTF in Cincinnati

How did this slip under my retro radar? Jan Smithers (Bailey Quarters from WKRP) was caught driving around stark naked. Read the article from Star Pulse:

The ex-wife of Barbra Streisand's husband James Brolin is recovering in a hospital after a bizarre traffic accident. Actress Jan Smithers, a star of the beloved TV sitcom WKRP In Cincinnati, was driving naked when she stopped for help after her car broke down on a remote California highway in the middle of the night.

She was hit by a truck after the driver caught sight of the 58-year-old waving him down too late. She has been recovering from her injuries ever since the September accident, but family members fear her health issues might be more than a few broken bones.

A family friend tells the National Enquirer she fears Smithers suffered a mental breakdown following the death of her father. The pal says, "Everyone thinks Jan felt abandoned and snapped - a complete meltdown."

Ironically, police called to the scene of the accident found nothing wrong with her car and are
puzzled as to why the actress stopped for help. Smithers can't remember anything about the accident or why she was driving naked in the middle of the night.

I just recently did a post on Down and Out Celebs, and I'm a bit sad to hear ol' Smithers joining this club of ill repute. Hopefully, she's gotten her act together.

I've always thought it was fascinating that she could attribute her whole career to a unstaged chance snapshot that wound up on the cover of Newsweek.

I remember watching the WKRP in Cincinnati DVD commentary and the show's director mentioned Smithers' discovery via the Newsweek magazine cover. However, the director said she was on the back of a motorcycle wearing a bikini.... I can't but think the old director's memories had been altered by a personal fantasy, perhaps?


  1. awww poor lady oh dear but yeah the director was reminiscing I think.

  2. I had to read the first sentence of the story a couple of times before I understood what it said. When I got done reading you story excerpt I said to myself, "how did James Brolin get hurt and what does Barbra Streisand have to do with this?". After careful reading I realized that Jan Smithers was being described as the "ex-wife of Bargra Streisand's husband". What a bizarre description. By the way I always liked the Baily character on WKRP way better than Loni Anderson's character. According to IMDB, Jan Smithers hasn't worked in the business since 1987.

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  4. I agree with Moviezzz. Found the same comment from someone claiming to be Jan herself, explaining that she's fine and has many clothes in the closet. She denied most of what was said about her except the accident.

  5. Jan Smithers on the back of a bike in a bikini, that's one fantasy I wouldn't mind having.Seriously though,I hope all is well with her.

  6. This was sad and weird to read. Here's hoping the erstwhile Bailey is doing better.

    On a side note, I had no idea she was married to James Brolin. Josh has sure had some interesting stepmoms in his life.