Actors on Record #4: John Carradine

John Carradine wasn't exactly selective of his acting roles - it seemed like anything that came his way, he took - and those were, more often than not, a B grade horror flick.  In fact, Carradine has been in more movies than any actor in history - over 300! Christopher Lee comes closest to matching him with over 200, but is still a long way off.  Not to mention, Carradine also appeared on many, many television shows like "BJ and the Bear", "Lost in Space", "Ironside", "Wonder Woman", and "The Beverly Hillbillies".

Carradine had a undeniably creepy vibe about him that somehow elevated even the shittiest of roles. He had been an accomplished Shakespearean actor, so his superb acting skills often "polished a turd", so to speak and made an otherwise worthless film watchable.

My favorite Carradine films include Munster Go Home! (1966), The Astro-Zombies (1968), The Sentinel (1977), Shock Waves (1977), Vampire Hookers (1978), The Monster Club (1980), The Howling (1981), and who can forget Sex Kittens Go to College (1960) starring Vampira and Conway Twitty!

But enough about Carradine's acting career - this is an "Actors on Record" post, so let's get to his recording career. In 1958, Carradine appeared on a beatnik album consisting of free form jazz with spoken word vocals, all performed by fairly well known celebs like Hoagie Carmichael.  Here's Carradine's contribution called "Night Song for the Sleepless". I don't think he chimes in over the bongos and flutes till the 1:45 minute mark. Enjoy!


  1. John Carradine is awesome. I love that he would do pretty much anything sent his way. I guess that kept him working. Oh yeah. I've started a series of Halloween posts on both my blogs. I'm really enjoying what you're doing here.

  2. I enjoyed this thoroughly. Thanks. John Carradine ha one of the great voices of horror, along with Karloff, Lugosi and Vincent Price. Peter Lorre's voice was simply freaky. They were all also great hams and made watching the films they made fun.

  3. Carradine was also in " Superchick " and " Red Zone Cuba . " he only has bi parts in both of those , however .